I thought I was where you wanted to go,
Am I just a stone in your way?
Now I see you moving on,
Fading away into the lonely night.

As I see you disappear, a cold wind blows past me,
reminding me of the emptiness in my palms.
The hand that used to keep me warm is no longer around.
I want to run and reach out to you.
To hold your hand, once more, is all that I wish for.

I try, but I see that you hasten, looking and searching for something,
May be you are searching for your light,
for that hand which would make you feel warm.
I run towards you with all my might,
the cold wind burns my eyes.
I don’t want to close my eyes and lose sight of you.
But for a brief moment, I do, and I see what I want to see.

You holding my hand with a beautiful smile across your lips, as you look into my eyes.
I open my eyes, hoping to meet the scene that just flashed,
But now I see, you are standing far away, not alone, like me.
You have found what you wanted, the source of warmth meant for you,
As you now smile into the face in front of you,
I realize that your beautiful smile, the one that was once mine, is not meant for me anymore.

Am I no longer what you want or what you were looking for or what you need?
What am I then to you?
Am I just a stone in your way?
I want to be your warmth, please… hold my hand…
If I should close my eyes to see what my heart wants
then I will.
I will close my eyes forever.


10 thoughts on “Alone inside

  1. That last line is chilling! Your poem is excellent, although the formatting isn’t optimized for mobile, so it was difficult to read. Superb writing, though! Loved it.


    1. Thank you so much. I am a newbie to blogging. I did not know that it wasn’t optimized for mobile viewing. I will look into that. Thanks for your comment!! I appreciate your feedback.


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