When do you get inspired? Is it when you see the limitless ocean as you sit by a beach or the view of the magnificent mountains towering above you? Do you get inspired when you observe a spider building its web that glistens in the first rays of the sun, or when you see the efforts a child puts in to stand up on his own feet?

I feel inspired when I see something beautiful, which is at the same time, intriguing. The almost periodic visit of the waves to the coast line, though calm, makes me appreciate the vastness of the ocean. It makes me wonder about the expanse of the ocean that, to me, extends till infinity. It makes me think of what my capabilities are and what limits me from going after my dreams. The mighty mountains speak to me when I gaze at them in awe. They make me question myself, “What heights could I achieve, if only I tried?”. The industrious spider in my balcony,  my friend’s child wobbling, as she tries to stand up even after several failed attempts, or the trials that I went through to make things right in my life, are all no less motivating.

When was the last time you were excited and inspirited, that you felt, “Ah! This is life”? Ask yourself as to how often you feel that way and how long you stay in that moment of delight.

So… tell me, what inspires you? 



2 thoughts on “Inspiration: What inspires us? (2 minutes)

  1. You will say toooo much…But reading your blog is inspiring me to write again….
    I think every creation in the world is bound to inspire you if you have the eyes to appreciate it…
    # feeling ‘re’ inspired


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