via Daily Prompt: Interior

I look into the mirror and see someone,
someone, who looks like me, but who isn’t.
I see the conceited exterior,
clad with false valor.
Who would know, but me,
about what resides within the deceptive panoply of might?

I look into myself.
I listen to an Interior monologue.
Here, elegies of doubts, pains and fears are heard.
These feelings, nonexistent on the outside,
dance alive within.

Ashamed of my deceptive appearance,
I debate of what is right and wrong.
Is it alright to be someone else on the surface
and another beneath?
As these insecurities reverberate within my heart,
I finally see the light.

Love alone is supreme.
In the face of gentle love,
my valiant armor will fall,
to reveal the tender and vulnerable Interior.
Among those who love me,
The mask of deceit will fade.
Into them, I will pour my innermost self.
I will taste the joy of sharing, once again.


11 thoughts on “Who is real?

  1. The theme of masks and uncertain identity is one I’ve written about a lot, and one I relate to when found in other people’s writings. A great piece.


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