via Daily Prompt: Gone

The sun is going down.
Another day has passed.
I ask myself this,
“Did I make it count?”

Was it just another day,
with nothing new to say?
Like a machine with a set routine,
I am programmed to toil and preen.
But now, every day’s monotony,
has become pure agony.

As I contemplate each night,
all I do is grumble.
I say “life is brutal” and “people are cruel”.
But I know that I take refuge,
under the illusive comfort,
of blaming everyone but me.
As I stand alone with myself,
my heart patiently asks,
“How long will you cheat me?”

Reluctantly, I face the truth.
I did not rise today,
to fight for what I truly desire.
Afraid to take an uncertain step,
I live a mechanical life instead.
I fear to make that daring move,
into the unknown,
into the wilderness of my lively dreams.

As the clock keeps ticking,
I realize that the “now” is also slipping.
Right this second, I shall take charge,
I will seize this moment.
For what is Gone is Gone,
but, what is left is enough.
For I have myself and my dreams,
to build a sensational future for me.

I will hear my heart race again,
I will feel my sweat,
as I follow my passion.
This very moment, I rise to the occasion.
I have now and only now,
and forever I will make it count.


9 thoughts on “What are you waiting for?

  1. For what is gone is gone
    But what is left is enough
    I have now and only now
    And forever I will make it count….


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