via Daily Prompt: Crossing

As I walk along the path of life,
I find myself having to make choices,
inevitably, at every junction,
and in every Crossing.
Life is scheming.
Without enquiring if I am prepared,
it gives me a turn at almost every turn.

Some lanes are beautiful.
Here I find trees, that bear fruit,
the seeds of which I had sown elsewhere.
With a carpet of green grass tickling my feet,
I can’t help but dance in this street.

Life laughs aloud.
Now, I am doubtful.
Is it laughing with me, or at me?
Soon, I reach another junction,
Ignorant of where each road would lead,
I choose one.

Life roars out loud.
Its intentions are quite clear.
I know this lane,
ornamented with thorns and icy spicules.
Here is where I scorn at life,
wondering why it even exists.
Eventually, I find my resolve.
With hope and love,
I make it through.

I am not alone in this journey.
With me, a few stay forever.
While some bid goodbye,
at certain crossings,
some suddenly disappear,
into a lane,
the only one I ever fear.

No matter what I say,
or feel, at different moments,
Life is, indeed, beautiful.
Whether it is the right turn,
or the other,
Whether life cheers me or
tries to smother,
I will persist and persevere.


3 thoughts on “An excursion, that is life

  1. Written on something everyone can relate to, that’s why we are alive eh!
    Love a few linesand connotations…Like
    Disappear into the only lane I fear..
    Impersonification of life laughing with/at you…..
    I am happy that you chose the path which ended in yuhu blogger…🤗


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