via Daily Prompt: Specific

When I look into you, I see,
your carefree nature,
the strength of your mental stature,
the awe in your eyes when you are one with nature,
your heart, so pure and mature,
these few, among the countless, reasons
why I fell in love with you.

Your voice that’s a magic spell,
those funny stories that you tell,
the days you just sit still,
with no words to fill,
your curling brown hair,
that kisses your cheek,
the way you click your pen,
as you sit down to read,
the shape your eyebrows make,
when you taste your favorite cake,
the way you hum a song,
with a few words gone wrong,
are a few Specific details,
the little ones that entail,
my earnest love for you.

Now I see you watching me,
as you look into my eyes,
with that gentle, loving smile,
I wonder what you perceive?



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