via Daily Prompt: Cling

She looked at the daily prompt. It was the word ‘cling’. She stared at the word on her laptop. Her husband, a successful blogger, had asked her to try her hand at blogging. She had initially protested against the idea, but gave in when her husband pulled her leg saying, “You know, the world would have something to laugh at, if you pen down your crazy thoughts.” She knew he meant well, so she agreed. And here she was now, in front of her laptop wondering why anyone on earth would give the word ‘cling’ to write about. A word like ‘love’, ‘treasure’ or ‘life’, she could have handled. But ‘cling’? Really?

She thought the best way to come up with an idea, was to organize her thoughts. She closed her eyes and asked herself, “Hmm.. What comes to my mind when I think of ‘cling’?”. Immediately, an image popped up. A monkey! There was a baby monkey clinging on to its mother in the image. “Seriously? I can’t write a poem about a monkey!!! Anyway, moving on”, she thought. But she did not. She started seeing all kinds of baby monkeys hanging on to their mothers. Exasperated, she concluded that organizing her only thought of monkeys wasn’t helping. So she decided to start writing whatever came to her mind, instead. That was precisely what her wise husband had once said, “I just start writing and the words flow. You can’t really control the words once you start writing”. She desperately hoped that the tip would work. And so she began.

“Like a baby monkey,
hanging on to its mother,
My love, I want to cling to you.”

Not another monkey!!! This time she was mad and struck it off.

“Like a baby monkey,
hanging on to its mother,
My love, I want to cling to you.”

As her husband was away on a business trip for a week, she couldn’t bug him for help. So she looked around her room to find something to distract her thoughts (anywhere away from monkeys was good!). Moving around the house alone, she remembered how she used to cling on to her husband and walk around that way. She loved the fact that he was a tall man. Suddenly the usage of the word struck her. She wanted to give writing, another try. She wrote.

“Please come back soon,
I can’t wait to cling to you,
and scream ‘yahoo'”

She looked at what she had written. “There is nothing more cheesier than these stupid lines”, she thought. Howย  aย  cute and a romantic idea could be butchered by words was now clear to her. What sounded great in her head, read horrific on paper. So she did the obvious thing.

“Please come back soon,
I can’t wait to cling to you,
and scream ‘yahoo'”

“The monkeys were better”, she thought. Giving up on the idea of writing, she got back to her other works. “Anyway, I am not born to write”, she consoled herself, to feel less guilty about the two failed attempts.

Before going to bed she checked her e-mail. Her husband had written a poem for the daily prompt challenge. “Interesting, business tour”, she thought, wondering how her husband had had the time to write a poem amidst his trip. She read the poem. This is how it went.

I miss you

Although away from you,
all I see is you,
I wish you were here,
smiling your crooked smile,
and narrating your crazy tales.

Every second without you,
reminds me that, what I have each day,
with you, my love,
can never be exchanged,
not for the all riches of the world,
and not for any fame,
for you alone are my fortune.

Your lunatic ways,
make me a child again,
Your wonderful kiss,
makes me hope again,
I love everything in you,
even when you Cling on to me,
and howl ‘yahoo’.

Her husband had found time to tell the world that he missed her. She smiled and then grinned. She loved the last two lines of his poem, the most.ย  She was overjoyed that her husband had thought of the same thing as her. But a voice inside her, reminded her that there were no monkeys in his poem. Making a mental note to ask him if monkeys did come to his mind when he heard the word ‘cling’, she started reading the poem again, for her hero had written something just for her.



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