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12th Jan 2017

Ah! Half of the first month of this year is almost already over, and I haven’t done anything in my ‘To-do’ list for the year. Well, not anything, I am starting with the first and the second points today. I don’t know if people actually write nicely (good language and stuff) in their diary. I am just going to write whatever comes to my mind.

You can do this! (2017 Positivity list)
1. Check this to-do list every Thursday. Write the pros and cons of each bullet point and see the improvement in your life.

2. Maintain a diary. (Please)
3. Spend less time on Facebook
4. Try not to kill your boss.
5. Find a decent boy friend.
6. Marry on or before Dec 25th 2017.
7. Start a good hobby.
8. Keep up with it.

Alright, here we go. The third one.

3. Spend less time on Facebook

Update: On an average I am now on Facebook just for four hours a day. Just for the record, it was at least 8 to 9 hours before.
1. Nothing much.
2. Slight Tremendous improvement in self control.
3. May be a good idea to get back to reality. (I hope. Not just my fingers, but all possible joints are crossed)
1. I feel very lonely now.
2. I have to wait toooo long to know what my friends are up to.
3. My friends think I am depressed (When I say I am trying to do other creative stuff, they are assured that I am indeed depressed. I think they think that way because I don’t have a boy friend. But really, that’s not the point. OK. I should be organized. The ‘boy friend’ issue will be addressed in point 5)
4. I feel I have no life in the real world.

I don’t feel very good about this now. May be I should write the Cons first and then the Pros.Β  Anyways, moving on to the fourth.

4. Try not to kill your boss

Update: I did not kill my boss.
1. He exists.
1. This is something I really am proud of myself for.
2. I can now tolerate being in the same room as he is.
3. I smiled at him (I can’t believe it myself) yesterday and he was totally shocked (The shock didn’t kill him though. Pity.)
4. I could possibly get a hike soon, if I keep this up.
5. Jenny asked me the secret of my sudden transformation. No one has ever considered my opinion before, well, except for in fashion, though. I meant not for real life situations. Hey! I don’t mean fashion isn’t a real life thing. It’s just… Oh! You know what I mean.

Oh God! I dread this part. I am clubbing points five and six together. I mean, they are linked, so…

5. Find a decent boy friend.
6. Get married on or before Dec 25th 2017.

Update: I did not find a boy friend. Not sure about the Dec 25th thing. I smiled at the new guy at work, though. (This hurts!)
1. I haven’t found my soul mate yet.
2. I am going to be thirty one this December and I am not married! (Well, I think Monica married Chandler in her thirties. Oh! They aren’t even real. Point number 6, better work!!)
3. My biological clock is ticking! What about babies? I love them. Oh, no!
4. Who am I kidding? This list could be long. I am stopping now. I am almost crying.
1. Absolutely no pros, what so ever.

(After 10 minutes)

2. Alright, I am finding quality time to spend with myself. Oh! Hell! Who cares about that. I say it again- No pros. None.

OK, I am losing my patience. I am clubbing points two, seven and eight together (Might as well club all the points and say I haven’t done anything. Why bother??).

(After 5 minutes)

2. Maintain a diary.
7. Start a good hobby.
8. Keep up with it.

Update: I started writing the diary today, that’s my hobby. I’ll find something better soon.
1. I am seeing that my life is terrible when I write these down.
2. I don’t know if all my entries would look this way.
1. I wrote what I felt. I can’t believe there are these many issues bubbling inside me.
2. I just started today so I can’t really comment.

I feel tired right now. What am I doing with my life? I should get it back in good shape. No one is going to fall in love with me when I’m in such a mess. Heroes rescuing girls in trouble, happens only in movies. I have to build my life again and get in good shape. I will. I must. I can’t keep depending on others for help. I should be there for myself. I have to try to get things better. It has to. It will. May be if I just keep pushing a little bit each day, things will set themselves right someday. Yeah! Someday….


On a lighter note
This is not my diary entry. Thank God!

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