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I know after all that has happened, you wouldn’t probably want to get back together with me. I know it sounds absurd and I know what kind of hell, I put you through. Babe, I just want to apologize and hold you again. I want you back. I want you to have me again in your life. I’m not sure if you are with someone else now. Damn! But I gotta say what I gotta say.

These few months without you have been painful as hell. I cannot describe how I feel. I mean… It’s not possible for you to know what I went through. I mean, I didn’t know that it would this painful. I did not realize what you have become in my life. I did not realize. I was blind! I was a fool. You are still a part of me, darling. You are me. I mean… Gosh!! I can’t explain. I love you. I miss you. You have no idea… I had no idea… I sometimes get up in the middle of the night and search for you beside me. When it hits me that you aren’t there, it kills me. I don’t sleep. When you left, I thought I was going to be free. But I am trapped without you, babe. You don’t know. I mean.. You really don’t know. I can’t believe how much I depend on you. I thought that it was taking away my freedom and independence or whatever I thought it was. But… But, I was wrong. I admit it. I admit it. All my ego, crushed. I am crushed. I need you to come back and save me. Only you. Just you.

I know… I know… I am being a coward writing this mail to you. I know. But I don’t have the guts to face you after all that I said. All those years with you, were magical. Your support and love was everything, is everything. Without you I am just… I’m just an empty shell. It’s been weeks since I smiled or even slept… I see you everywhere. I see you in the couch, near the fridge, in the bed beside me, everywhere. And the thought that it is not real is killing me. I need you. You are the necessity of my life. I am not sure if it is good for me to feel this way… But I feel, I just feel that without you, life doesn’t make sense. No sense.

Please come back to me, babe. I hope you respond to this. Damn! Even one of those smilies would do. Something… Anything… Just speak to me. We can set things right. I think I am finally Capable of giving you the kind of love you want. No, the kind of love you deserve. I just want you to forgive me, please. And come back… I can’t… I can’t imagine going on without you. Please… Call me or mail me or whatever.. Just ping me in any way. I’ll be there. I’ll be there for you. I mean.. I will be. You have all your freedom to decide whether you will give me another chance or not, but there is a little part of me, that is hoping that you haven’t moved on. I love you, like never before. Trust me.

Always yours,



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I wonder if they got back together. What do you think?

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