via Daily Prompt: Exquisite

It was time,
she could bear it no longer.
To escape to the other side,
was her only choice.

She knew the price she had to pay,
but her determination did not sway.
Brave, yet shuddering,
she reached the border,
to face the guarding devils.

Stripped naked,
brutally raped and violated,
to the content of devils’ hearts,
she was strewn over the drying river.
The now crimson coast,
glittered under the blanket,
of the moonlit sky.

With what still remained,
she dragged herself across the river.
Reaching the shore of hope,
she arose, tall and strong.
Every drop of water,
that dripped from her,
drew away all traces,
of the evil’s touch.

Bidding farewell to the dark night,
she walked into the light,
of the now dawning sky.
She dazzled brighter,
than the ascending sun.
For what was mangled,
was only her insignificant body.
Her spirit and soul,
stronger and Exquisite, still,
would build her up,
yet, again.


26 thoughts on “Still exquisite

  1. hahaha..hero?? my my. you silly one.
    But yes, I would love to have discussion anytime. Especially, after reading your works. It really pulls the readers to you, you know that! I love your works. Hope to see more. hehe… πŸ˜€


  2. Come on yaar, I’m still a novice.
    And moreover, your poems are more captivating. Speaking of which, how long have you been writing? I mean besides this blog. In paper and pen maybe.


    1. Not much really. I wrote two reports with my friend for a college magazine. That’s it. ‘Alone inside’ was my first proper poem (if you could call it proper). You sound (or rather read) like you have been writing for some time now.


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