I walk away from you, in hot anger.
As I slam the door to leave,
I wish you would call out my name.
But you don’t.
My temper shoots up instead.

As I walk away swiftly,
I hear voices inside me.
They say “How can he be so cruel and mean?”,
“Is this who he really wants to be?”
Now I feel that the distance,
between us must be greater,
And that alone could give me,
some peace and pleasure.
My furious mind says,
“Never see him again,
You have nothing to gain”.
And I agree, with my heart in pain.

As I reach my apartment,
the heavy smog in my chest,
starts to dissolve.
Back in my night gown,
I slowly calm down.
I now think clearly,
why couldn’t I see this a little early?
It wasn’t all your fault…
They were mine too.
If only I had been patient,
perhaps, listened a bit more,
I could still be with you,
cuddling to the core.

Realizing my mistake,
I rush to my phone.
And just then it rings,
playing your ring tone.
I cry like a fool.
I say,”Sorry I lost my cool”.
You speak and cast your spell.
You apologize and tell me
that all is, indeed, well.

We promise that, may be, the next time,
we could both become calmer and cooler,
a teeny bit sooner.
Probably, view our lives,
with a little bit of humor.
We could then enjoy the
cuddle after the fight,
Oh! That cuddle would be,
the best one alright!!!


Yuhu’s corner:
They haven’t made up yet, in reality. But I hope they do.
Update (21.1.2017): Yeah! They made up. I’m assuming they cuddled up later.


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