I feel like it was only yesterday that I wrote my first post,“Will anyone read my blog?”. And then, on the 23rd day of blogging, I get a wonderful surprise (a bit of shock as well!) from my lovely friend Varun of My Art & Me. I thank Varun for nominating me for the Blogger recognition award. It is such a HUGE encouragement for newbies like me, to be recognized at such an early stage. I realize that I have a long way to go. But I’m guessing the journey would be a blast.

I am a big fan of Varun’s work (I am not saying this because he nominated me). He is a wonderful poet, describing the emotions of his characters so well, that you become that character, as you read his poems. I specifically love the way he finds the perfect images for each one of his posts. These images instantly bring the readers to the mood of the post’s theme. I encourage you all to take a look at his work. I’m sure you’ll love it. You can find it here.

The rules for accepting this award:

1. Give thanks to the person who had nominated you and a link to their blog.
2. Write a post to show your award.
3. Briefly tell how you started blogging.
4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
5. Nominate 10 other bloggers for this award.
6. Comment on the nominated blogs and let them know you have nominated them and give a link to the post you have created.

How I started my blog:

I am a dreamer. I always have been. I dream of different characters and tales, a world full of stories. But I never wrote any. Just imagining a story was good enough for me. I wrote a couple of poems and showed it to my close friends. With the comments they gave, I realized that I need more feedback for my stories. After a lot of internal debate I started this blog, my first ever blog. The main reason is to get feedback from experts like you. I’m thankful to all my readers and followers who have provided me with comments and feedback. I really appreciate that.

Two pieces of advice to new Bloggers:

It’s funny, that a one month oldΒ  blogger like me, should give advice. Nevertheless, I will share with you, what I feel is important:

  1. Visibility: If you are an absolute beginner, the first thing you would want is visibility. I encourage you to participate in prompts and challenges, such as, Daily Prompts. This is also a wonderful way to find out how other writers view the same concept.
  2. Connections: Like I mentioned earlier, I am looking for quality feedback from writers. So I give feedback to others. I read a lot of posts and respond. I don’t just ‘like’, I comment, I ask questions about what the writers felt or why they used the words they used etc. This has not only made me understand the rationale for others’ posts but also made quite a few bloggers comment and respond to my posts.

So, let this beautiful chain of nominations continue. I nominate the following bloggers for the award:

Ups, Downs & Deviations
 Covert Novelist

I thank everyone who has made this blogging venture of mine, a memorable one. I hope to improve and to do a better job with every post. Thank you and have a lovely day!!!



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15 thoughts on “Blogger recognition award!!!

  1. Congratulations on the award!Well deserved.You have a beautiful style of writing and I look forward to reading your work.It amazes me to know English is not your first language, as you do have an impeccable command over it.Keep up!

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