via Daily Prompt: Filter

At last, I can hear,
what you don’t tell,
At last, I can see,
what you hide.
At last, I’m not blind,
to your ruthless lies.

You were a cheat,
in every single meet.
You were my trust,
but you led me to rust.
You put on a saintly act,
Oh! What an evil tact.
I believed I was at fault,
your true intentions concealed in a vault.
You made feel like a loser,
you, silent, malicious abuser.
Oh! All those sleepless nights,
that you gagged me so tight.
Enslaved under your trance,
I gave you, yet, another chance.
Now, I’ve had enough,
I see through your bluffs,
it’s time to break the cuffs.

I’ll never let you Filter into me,
ever again, to unleash your venom.
I’m no longer a toy,
for you to toy with.
At last,
At long last,
I’ve set myself free.


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