via Daily Prompt: Simple

You say life is simple,
but you don’t see,
my mind is crippled.
You say things will get better,
but you are unaware,
I am bound by an iron fetter.
You say it’s all in my head,
but you know not,
my spirit is dead.
You say I can rise again,
but do you hear me,
writhing in rotting pain?
You say I will be healed,
but you don’t sense,
my insides being peeled.
You think I’m creating a drama,
but you don’t feel,
my inhuman trauma.
Don’t say you understand,
there is no fire licking,
your every hair strand.
You say there will be clarity,
but you don’t notice,
I can’t identify reality.
Do you hear poisonous voices in your head?
To take a single breath, you do dread?
Is your sanity hanging by a thread?
If not,
don’t tell me,
it’s all too Simple.


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