via Daily Prompt: Automatic

He writes about her:

Are you afraid of me?
I’m not so beastly.
Do you ever notice,
that you alone are my focus?

I am drawn to you,
by everything you do.
I see you looking at me,
your cheeks turn rosy.
I wish I could tell,
I’m under your spell.
You are so enigmatic,
I’m turned on, Automatic.

When we met,
you broke into pearls of sweat.
Do you see me as a threat?
Why do you stammer?
Baby, I’m not the one to hammer.
Please don’t fear,
you are my love, my dear.

I wish there comes a day,
you would walk up to me and say,
that I’m your only way,
we’ll then dance and sway,
for that day, I pray.

She writes about him:

How are you so oblivious?
How can you be so clueless?
Aren’t my intentions clear?
Am I invisible to you, my dear?

Don’t you see me falling for you,
like the delicate morning dew?
When I look at your face,
all I wish is to embrace.
How I yearn to reveal,
what I truly feel.

But with you nearby,
my heart goes wild.
When you talk to me,
my heart is in a flutter,
and all I do is stutter.
You think I’m stupid?
It’s not me, it’s cupid.

How I wish a day comes,
when I muster the courage
to unveil my emotions,
so vulnerable, so tender.
To you alone I will surrender.


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