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You chose to leave,
one fine day,
and let me alone to grieve.
Struggling in pain,
all attempts,
to cheer in vain,
I cried alone,
missing you,
with nowhere to go.
I couldn’t bear,
even a single thought,
of the song we sang together.
I thought I could never,
forget you or forgive you.
I would never recover.

Time carried me on,
against my will,
to a brand new lawn.
I now feel,
the tender grass,
brush against my heel.
I breathe in,
close my eyes,
the breeze kisses my skin.
I look around,
it’s so beautiful,
I am astound.

What was I doing,
crying over you,
wasting my life moping?
There is so much more,
in this world,
for me to explore.
You are not my Sun,
for my life to revolve around.
A new chapter has now begun.

I dare to dance to that song,
but memories of you,
slowly trickle along.
At once I realize,
I haven’t forgotten,
your eyes,
or forgiven,
your lies.
I haven’t wiped,
my slate Clean
of your thoughts,
No, not quite.

You aren’t good for me,
I know, but my heart,
wouldn’t just see.
Will I ever redeem,
myself of you?
May be one day,
you’ll finally seem,
like a dream,
that I once had,
lost forever,
from my memory.


Yuhu’s corner:
Many a times, we think we have moved on. But really, have we?

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14 thoughts on “If only you would fade away

  1. “Many a times, we think we have moved on. But really, have we?”
    I’d say the desire to want to move on is a good start towards moving on. I have found, we hold onto to the pain of the loss because it is all we have left, that testifies that the memories aren’t just a figment of our imaginations… My thoughts.

    Lovely writing!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Moving on is easy, as long as we learn to let go. And there are some things it’s damn near impossible to let go of. And some things are worth holding onto.

    Not the person you wrote this about, though. At least that’s how it comes across.

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  3. Moving on huh?
    You can’t move on. Not completely. You learn to live with it. And so, after a long time, the pain becomes numb.
    We live on. Not move on. We live on carrying it with us forever. Again, it’s just my thought. hehe
    Nice poem, senpaiii… πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thoughtprovoking topic nicely narrated.To move on: easy to say or think but in real life I think it is a Himalayan task.As Mr. Varun told we may live on rather than to moveon.Nice poem dear.

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