via Daily Prompt: Overwhelming

A view of the sky through leaves and dry branches, with the tiny moon smiling behind. Photograph by Yuhu Tama

I now walk,
slowly, back home,
lost inside that single thought.
I think,
I hear you call my name,
my heart begins to sink.
I look at the sky,
through the branches and leaves,
and I wonder why,
the sight’s so Overwhelming.

It’s may be,
because you are up there,
trying to make me see,
that life could still be beautiful.
“Miss you, my love”, I whisper,
from inside the crucible of grief.


Yuhu’s corner:
Some times when I look at the sky, through the rustling leaves, I feel that someone close is talking to me. Do you have such fancies?
P.S. Just experimenting with photography.

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7 thoughts on “On my way back

  1. This is precisely what I was talking about when I said holding on can be a good thing ☺
    Not the pain and grief, but the idea that they are still watching out for you, loving you, even though they no longer walk beside you.

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