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A mother observed,
her little son play indoors,
silent and reserved.
Silent he had become,
since a month.
Inside that shell, he was glum.
As she heard the birds,
chirp outside, she yearned,
to hear her angel’s words.
She now approached him,
he looked at her and smiled,
yet his face was grim.

She was ready to try,
to make all his fears fly.
She asked, “Shall we make,
a boat or a bird?
Perhaps, draw a pie or cake?”
In a silent reply,
he put his finger,
over his Craft book, looking too shy.
He then chose,
a Chinese lantern,
and began to pick his nose.

Mother and child,
made the craft together,
soon, her doubts began to pile.
“When will I hear your voice again?”,
she thought,
“When will you escape your heart’s strain?”.
As she took the white lantern,
and dipped the paint brush in yellow,
a soft whisper, gave her a turn.
“Not yellow”, he said,

The mother held her son,
to her chest and cried.
With hope, her child had finally reconciled.
“Sorry mommy”,
he whispered.
“It’s alright, honey”,
she reassured.
He picked up the brush,
and said, “Let’s paint it blue”.
Her life was back again,
It was alright, she knew.


Yuhu’s corner:
I was once in the hospital when I was a about 12 years old. There, I saw a mother cry to the doctor about her little son, who stopped speaking after falling from his bike. I faintly remember the doctor saying that it was due to the shock. I still wonder whether he started speaking again. I hope he did.

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