via Daily Prompt: Lovingly

Mother saw his door open.
Her breathing quickened,
heart hammering against her ribs.
She heard her seven-year old,
sing a song,
merrily, quite loud.
Now, she was afraid,
ran towards the source,
and found him dancing.
Something crimson dripped,
from his shirt,
something silver shined,
in hand.
In the middle,
lay a heap,
that was once her own child.
“One gone”, he shrieked happily.
His eyes fixed on her. He whispered,
“The second, has come to me”.
She could see,
a devilish smile,
shimmer on her silver knife,
as the boy neared,
his foster mother.
There were more screams,
that night.


Yuhu’s corner:
This poem is pretty dark, I know (What’s wrong with me???). But not as dark as the truth of many people’s life. Children subjected to physical or emotional abuse, at very young ages fail to understand, feel or reciprocate love. I cannot imagine, a bigger tragedy than this. Fortunately, therapy and rehabilitation have shown to give them a second chance to lead a human live. If only all children could be Lovingly cared for, they would still be, well, children.
P.S. You can find an educational document on child abuse and its consequences here.

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