via Daily Prompt: Tremble

It is time, you know,
to put on the show.
Although you Tremble inside,
you must take them for a joyous ride.
As you meet their eyes,
Pick up your guts, wear your disguise.
None care about your pain,
You exist just to entertain,
till that one day,
when fame comes your way.

Then, at your name,
they would Tremble with delight.
To get a glimpse of you,
they will fight.
You can pick and choose,
and do what you like.
You will have the power,
to unite or divide.
Until then,
None care about your pain,
You exist simply to entertain.
So you cannot be forlorn,
for the show must go on.


Yuhu’s corner:
This is my feeble understanding of artists struggling to make it to the “top”.
P.S. Suddenly I remembered ‘Jenny Curran’, Forrest Gump’s best friend and love interest from the movie, ‘Forrest Gump’. There was a scene where she had to sing in a night club… Forrest says her dream was to become a folk singer.Β  I wonder if this poem suits that character, for that scene…Β This was not her dream. Well, she was messed up too…

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