via Daily Prompt: Heard

It’s been a while,
since I saw you smile.
I Heard you speak,
sounding too weak.
I wonder what went wrong,
It’s been so long.
Under the blanket of silence,
I see you hide your emotions.

Why don’t you share?
Don’t you know, I care?
I know, you’ll handle it all.
Soon, you’ll again stand tall.
Till then, you leave me no choice,
but to miss your cheerful voice.

It breaks my heart,
to see you fallen apart.
My friend,
every instant is precious.
life is not that vicious.
In your long, beautiful journey,
wouldn’t this pain turn blurry?

Come, now,
start living,
begin believing.
Although today may seem bleak,
Never lose hope.
I know, you’ll reach the peak.

Well, even if you choose to keep mum,
Still, I’ll remain your chum,
Waiting for that day,
when you’ll finally find your way.


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