Looking at her knees,
her heart at no peace,
the child sat outside,
dreading the oak doors opening wide.

Her home contained the absence,
of fun and laughter.
Under the weight of silence,
it finally broke apart,
shattering, also, the hearts within.

The door finally opened,
her heart madly thumped.
It was a moment,
she wished would never come.
As she walked down the aisle,
she saw, seated behind a bench,
a man, not a minister,
her parents had once seen.

Only at his shoes,
her father looked,
Her mother, at him,
with all contempt.
The little girl felt lost,
in this war of hate.

The judge asked her politely,
if it was mummy or daddy.
Tears now flowed from her eyes,
that were her father’s.
She parted her lips,
mother had given her,
and whispered, “None. Neither”,
knowing, that nothing in her life,
would be the same, ever again.


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