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I can’t believe how relieved I felt when he said he actually enjoyed his Tennis lessons! Well, to convince children these days! I couldn’t understand his Lukewarm response when I urged him to join this class.  I mean, a mother telling her son to go out and play and the son doesn’t bother!!! What is up with this kid??

I’m struggling with one eleven year old.  I wonder how people manage with two or three (shuddering). Now a days, children are so… I’m not able to find the right words… Not so child-like, I guess. 11 year olds talk like they are 20 and yes, that little 6-year-old girl across the street is, for sure, a grandma. She seems to be enlightened about almost everything in the world. The other day, she told me that she saw me come home late one night from work (a stupid deadline. I hate deadlines). She advised me to come home soon everyday or my husband wouldn’t be happy. I remember, the piercing look she gave, as a reply to my astonishment and how she scurried back home with her nose in the air. Children these days are too smart. They are Aware of everything! Somehow, I find that their innocence is fast fading. When we were children, things weren’t this way… No, they weren’t.

I remember how my mother used to literally drag me back home every evening from the playground. And to think, now, I have to beg my son to move his butt off his room (and away from those damned video games!!!) and play outside, is unbelievable. What a drastic transformation? I am extremely glad that he likes playing Tennis. At least now, he would get some exercise. I can’t believe that most children these days are so over-weight. I wonder if all parents understand the Seriousness of this issue. How times have changed! It’s like a sudden slap on the face.

When I was a child, I remember how the Sound of the school’s final bell meant, ‘Time to play’. We used to run around and play for a few hours, only to be dragged home later to finish off home work. And the holidays after every school year… What a lovely period! Going back to our grandparents’ house in the village, now that was paradise.  Lush greenery everywhere, a small stream of water in the backyard… I have a wide grin on my face. I can see myself sitting beside grandpa, eating those Juicy mangoes, that used to grow in our backyard. I remember how my friends and I used to Squat beside the water stream and feed the fish with some rice, that we managed to loot from the kitchen. It was wonderful to see at least a dozen fish appear from nowhere to grab each grain of rice and disappear once again. These memories do make me smile.

(After 5 minutes)

Hmm.. That house is now gone. Sold. I wonder if my child will ever have such experiences in his life. I’m not sure. I’m not sure whom to what to Criticize.  From the food we eat, to our career and lifestyle choices, we have changed so much and I wonder how it all happened. Is it because of the country’s economic condition, changing cultural tradition or perhaps, the increasing pressure and competition to succeed? I’m not very sure. There are so many things to think about.

When do I even get the time to think about such things? Only at rare moments like this one, when I spend time with myself and my thoughts. At all other times, I’m simply carried along by the wave of my everyday routine. I wait in Expectation of a better time for my child’s generation.

(After 10 minutes)

Am I not a hypocrite? I’m now simply going to close my diary and go to bed, putting all these questions and thoughts under the rug, only to be stamped on by me, by my usual routine tomorrow. I’m sure I won’t even have the time to think about these issues. Another day, another deadline and so it goes.  Although I know that just penning my thoughts isn’t going to help, I see myself refusing to take up any responsibility. All I do is complain. Well, I do have to work to support my family, which leaves me no time or a choice to change the world! I’m not sure if this attitude is wrong. Am I wrong?

(After 12 minutes)

Let me just put all blame on “changing times”, relieve myself of any burden and go to bed. Since I don’t have the time, “Time” better take care of itself.

The End.

Yuhu’s corner:

Hello! It’s been a while!  I missed writing. “I didn’t have time”. Ha! Ha! Since I missed attempting a few daily prompt challenges, I figured I would club all the prompts, I missed, into a single piece.

This piece is about most of us, who complain but fail to take any responsibility to fix the issues (What I call, ‘The complain and escape phenomenon‘). I know that not all of us can become full-fledged activists or protesters. But I encourage you to think of an issue that you have been complaining about recently. Just for a moment, think about what you have done about it. It’ll be worthwhile, I promise.

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