via Daily Prompt: Blur

A beautiful evening sky. Photograph by Yuhu Tama.

Do you remember the day,
we walked together all the way?
We were listening to a song,
and I was humming along.
The clouds added more fun,
that’s when the drizzle had just begun.
That evening was magical,
we watched the sky clad in purple.
Holding hands, we had walked,
Oh! That day, we talked and talked.
I secretly promised to stay with you,
later, you told me, that you had too.
I thought “we” were forever.
But, “time” was too clever.
No one to blame, not you, nor I.
In silence, years simply drifted by.
I can’t help but wonder,
if you still remember,
that beautiful evening we spent together.
Or has it turned, at last,
into just another moment in your past,
nothing more than a Blur?


Yuhu’s Corner:
Why do some people enter our lives? Is it just to leave their mark and fade away?
P.S. Amateur photographer at work.

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