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Wow! Today has been just, Wow!!! I can’t believe how a single moment could change my train of thoughts and as it turned out, others’ too. I owe it all to that cutie pie, and of course, to the bus driver. Perfect timing.

The day didn’t take off very nicely, though. I was thoroughly grumpy  after  waking up late. Rushing through things and getting into a crowded bus to my university didn’t help (Surprise! Surprise!).

In the bus, an old man was staring at my face and then my feet, quite a few times. When I caught him staring up and down at me, he immediately took his eyes away, looking terrified. Now, that had to be because of the look on my face.  Mom always claims that I look like I could murder someone when I’m angry or grumpy (As if I would do that. How can she say that way? Oh! I’m deviating. Back to the bus).

So anyway, I stopped bothering about that ‘apparently creepy’ old man and spotted this REALLY cute baby, probably about 2 or 3 years old, sitting on his father’s lap (I assume, that was his father). Aw! He was ADORABLE, the baby I mean (Well, the dad too!). That cute little child was playing with his father’s shirt. (The dad was wearing a blue T-shirt, beneath his crisp white unbuttoned shirt, just for reference, in case I forget. Oh! How could I even think, I would forget such a moment?? Oh! I’m deviating again. Go back now.)

Yeah! So I kept staring at the kid, he was making faces to his dad and so was the dad. Children give everyone an excuse to be silly and crazy. (Ah! another deviation.) Anyway, I was feeling better by then, after watching that child. And then, it happened.

The bus driver suddenly honked, so loud that everyone jerked back to reality, for a moment, away from their mobile phones, news papers and for some, away from their dreaming routine. Many gasped around me. I did too, I think. But it was the child’s reaction that was the highlight.

As soon as he heard the honk, he put his head to his father’s chest and covered his head with the father’s shirt. That was the baby’s Hideout. The father immediately put his hand on the child’s back and held him close to his body. After a few seconds, the child’s head emerged, looking slightly afraid. The father called his name and gave him a wide grin, and like magic, the child began to smile. The father teased his son for a few moments, and they laughed. But I saw that the child’s grip on his father’s shirt, hadn’t loosened. He still held on.

I felt a strange sensation as watched the duo. I felt relaxed and you know, suddenly, thankful. I have no clue where that came from. People close and important to me started popping into my head. My mom, my dad, my sister, a lot of my friends and even that girl who helped my get up when fell on the road the other day, they all came to my mind. It was a warm feeling. I suddenly felt a rush of gratefulness to all these people. (Amazingly, I feel the same way when I’m writing all this down too. Wow! Arrghh! Another deviation! Back to the story!)

Just then, a stop arrived and most of them started to get down from the bus. The old man got up too. I watched him. Just as he was about to get down, he looked at me, pointed his old index finger at my feet and said, “Your handkerchief is near your shoes”. I looked down and found my flowery handkerchief lying there, partially under my left shoe. I felt guilt streaming through me. By the time I looked up, the bus had started pulling away and I could see the old man shrinking, as I moved further. I feel weird about this. It’s alright if I did not thank him. At least, I shouldn’t have judged him earlier on.

This evening when I came back, I texted all those who are close to me, thanking them for what they had done for me and for being there, when I needed someone. Of course, I got a lot of hugs and kisses from mom (I think she was tearing up). Dad said he loved me a lot and couldn’t wait to get back home. Sis looked at me suspiciously first and then gave me a warm hug. It was lovely.

Other  reactions were funny. A few asked me if I was alright. One of them called me sounding terrified and asked me if I had plans of committing suicide. He thought I was telling my good-bye by this message. Seriously??? Can’t a person thank someone in any other occasion? Well, there is something in this too. This just goes to say that I don’t really thank people or acknowledge their help. That’s why he reacted this way, I guess. I should try to be more expressive (for the good feelings, not for the murderous look thing). Many others texted me back saying that they love me too and that my message made their day. Isn’t that wonderful? I mean, I made someone’s day. It’s amazing how a single moment can trigger so many emotions.

I wish I could feel thankful every moment. That would be great. I also wish I could apologize to that old man, someday. I guess the person I’m really grateful to is that child. How much children teach us!

Ah! Interestingly, today’s diary entry is not just full of complaints. Alright, that’s it for now. Good night me!

The End.


Yuhu’s corner:

The event I described in the bus about the child really did happen. It was a wonderful moment, and I’ve tried my best to describe it in this piece. The part with the old man is fictional.

I want to thank you, my dear reader. You took time from your precious life to read what I wrote. That means A LOT  to me. I thank you very much.

Why don’t we all take a moment to thank those who mean something to us. It would be wonderful to make someone’s day, now wouldn’t it?

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