via Daily Prompt: Rhythmic

Alone, in the breezy air,
the chair rocks,
awaiting its owner, unaware
he now sleeps inside a box.

I calm the chair down,
gripping, tightly, its arm,
stopping its cry- the creaking sound,
for its seat is no longer warm.

Fun stories were once told,
in his Rhythmic rock back and forth.
The chair did still hold,
memories of children, glowing with mirth.

One among them, I was,
his favourite grandchild,
now at a complete loss,
filled with numbness so wild.

Slowly, I sit on his chair,
it cries with no choice.
And I finally dare,
to replay his loving voice.

He says, “Don’t cry,
Everything will be alright,
as time flies by”.
Tears flow down, as I hug his chair tight.


Yuhu’s corner:

My grandparents passed away, when I was still a child. Sadly, I don’t remember much about them. I can only recall a vague figure.

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21 thoughts on “His chair

  1. I only got to spend time with my grandmothers,
    both maternal and paternal, which was also limited to 5 or 6 years
    but never got to meet my grandfathers at all (maternal or paternal) as they passed when I wasn’t born or was too young to remember.
    So I know how it feels not to have met your grandparents.

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  2. Being the youngest person in the familyI did not have the good luck to be with my grandparents .Now I am looking forward to spend good time with my grandchildren.I think it will be great fun.

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  3. I lost my grandmother when I was 12 and my grandfather at 16 years old. I couldn’t help but choke up while reading this beautiful poem. For me, my grandmother’s death was my first experience dealing with a near one’s death and I was so close to both of them. I don’t think that grief will ever leave my heart although it has been 4 and 8 years since their deaths.

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    1. I’m so sorry for your loss and that my poem upset you. I’m sure you carry their words of wisdom and love still in your heart. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts. It means a lot to me. Sometimes it’s hard to move on in life, isn’t it?

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      1. Oh no! Your poem was beautiful. It’s just whenever I think of my loss, it saddens me.
        Yes, it is very hard. Of course, we all carry on with out lives, but in certain moments, we cannot help but think about those we have lost and how different life would wih them stikl present by our side.
        Than you for such beautiful writings. :’)

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