via Daily Prompt: Baby and Daily Prompt: Slur

The bud of her womanhood bloomed.
He breathed, as the music of her cry loomed.
Once, a life within her,
transformed into her life forever.

For him to arise,
her pain was the price.
The Baby began to weep,
liable for her agony, so deep.

She held him tight,
the bundle in white.
Guilt melted, in her warm embrace,
and into her eyes, he gazed.

Little blue stars shone,
in the blackness of her own.
Her heart made her words Slur,
Her eyes, the world a blur.

Drifting in love’s allure,
mother and son, dissolved in a moment, so pure.


Yuhu’s Corner:
I’m fascinated by the mother-child bond. It’s extremely powerful and yet, gentle and tender. Isn’t it?

P.S. Another good opportunity to say “I love you, Ma”.

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24 thoughts on “Love’s bond

  1. This is a lovely poem on the purity of the mother-child relationship. You’ve described the pain of the birth as well as that of the baby’s cries in a mother’s ears apltyl. And the last line… Melted me to mush. Beautiful. I’m glad you found me 😊

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