Best friends who grew up together and still stay together. Hopefully, will stay together.

 Photograph © Yuhu Tama

I thought I would grow older,

holding  your hand forever,

like those trees rooted deep together.

I cursed myself when the Doubt seeped in,

I couldn’t just stop believing,

Till you asked me to “grow up”, sneering!

I guess you didn’t realize,

I wanted to grow with you,

not grow out of you.


via Daily Prompt: Doubt

Yuhu’s Corner:

I’m not sure if this photograph is good or not, but I love this. I mean, I loved what I saw that evening. The two trees would have grown up together, side by side, for decades. A little part of me believes that they must be best friends. I’m inspired by these trees to stick around with my loved ones through thick and thin.

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