PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

 Word count: 97

The two children lay on the green grass below their favourite tree. They watched the cottony clouds glide across the blue sky.

“Superman!”, squeaked the little girl. Her brother laughed in agreement. He saw Superman too. “See where he’s heading?”, he asked her. She squinted her eyes to find Superman’s destination. The boy pointed towards another fluffy mass and said, “Towards that giant bear. See it?”. She then found it. The little girl giggled in delight.

Two decades later, the siblings sat in their office buildings that scraped the sky. But now, only shapeless clouds passed by.



Yuhu’s Corner:
This story is a part of the Friday Fictioneers Photo Prompt Flash fiction challenge. Every Friday, a photo prompt is provided by the organizer Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. The participants have to come up with a 100 word story. You can check out the other entries here.

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58 thoughts on “The Shape shifters

          1. José, eu acho que vai ter que esperar sentado que esta directora reabra o pr.rtsso..oEntceeanto, pergunto eu: segundo o Público, afinal essa directora mentiu ao dizer que tinha pedido à Direcção Geral do Ensino Superior o dossier relativo à licenciatura de sócrates no sentido de apurar irregularidades; se mentiu, não lhe acontece nada? não é posta na rua imediatamente porquê? como se pode esperar que a justiça funcione se são precisamente os seus mais altos responsáveis que mentem descaradamente e que a descredibilizam desta maneira?


    1. Yes, Ma’m. That’s the point I intended to make. I’m very happy for your feedback. I would love any form of constructive criticism. Like you have mentioned in your blog, I want to improve my writing too.

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  1. I see you a lot in the community pool comment section. So, I thought I should give your blog a visit too. I’m glad I did cuz this is one of the best blogs I’ve come across in my 1 month-old blog life. XD I love your short stories and poems and everything. Those daily prompts stories of 100 words are brilliant. I’m glad I came to see your blog. I hope one day I can write half as well as you. :’) Definitely following you. ^-^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh wow! Thanks a lot. I’m glad you stopped by. I’m new too. Just a month older than you (2 months old blog). I started my blog so that I could get some feedback on my writing. So I try to give my feedback in the Community Pool to as many people as I can, as well. Thanks for the follow. I’ll check out your blog soon. Cheers!

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  2. So sad that when we grow up our imagination grows down. But it doesn’t have to be that way, I hope they remember sooner or later. Lovely story.

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  3. Nice imagination.I too used to have vivid thoughts.The clouds sometimes appear like giant elephants and the half moon like a coconut piece.Ur cute story drew meback to my good old childhood days. Thanks alot .

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  4. That’s so sad, when people become so worn down by life that they no longer see the shapes in clouds. You have demonstrated this so well in so few words.
    Obviously, I haven’t grown-up, because I still see them. In fact, I’m pretty obsessed with clouds, and birds as well. There’s so much that’s magical out there and it’s just a case of readjusting your focus, or pressing the reset button in your brain to see magic once more.

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  5. This is very strong – sums up the difference between childhood and adulthood perfectly, the way our imagination and dreams fall by the wayside as everyday chores and worries kick in. Nicely done

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  6. Late in responding, but better late… A lovely piece with a bittersweet edge. How true, and sad, that we stop looking for magic in the world, as we become adults. I love this clever line: “Two decades later, the siblings sat in their office buildings that scraped the sky.”

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