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I was out for a lovely morning walk, when I encountered this tree. I immediately saw a serpent-like face giving me a menacing look. I stood there transfixed, with my mind racing. I could’ve thought of it just as another tree and moved on, but I couldn’t. I could hear the tree telling me a story. Let me share it with you.

Photograph Β© YUHU TAMA

Long ago, the land was full of lush greenery with wild grass and tall trees. This was the zone of the serpents who lived quite happily, until the humans entered the picture. The land was destroyed in the name of “development”. Trees were chopped and the serpents were beaten to death, or driven away. That’s when the king of trees and the king of serpents joined forces. The king of trees let the serpent king reside in him, and together, they fought the “civilized” humans. Till today, they stand tall, telling a chosen few, the story of their victory.

I walked away with the story still echoing inside my head. Desperate to share this with someone, I dragged one of my friends to this tree. But he saw NOTHING! I was shocked. All he could see was a lump on an aging tree. I tried to describe the features I saw, the serpent-like face and the glowering eyes. Yet, they were all invisible to his rational eye.

I visited the tree again, that evening, and apologized for my friend’s lack of “sight”. The king of serpents smiled and told me that only a few gifted ones can truly “see” him. So my dear friends, here is a close up of my wonderful friend, the serpent king. I wonder now, are you gifted like me? What do you see? What story is the tree telling you?

Photograph Β© YUHU TAMA


Yuhu’s Corner:
It’s been super long hasn’t it? I hope you haven’t forgotten me! Ah! I’ve missed writing. I have a deadline coming up in a few days, so I’m extremely busy. I simply HAD to write today! To all the bloggers I follow or promised to visit, I’ll make sure to read your posts as soon as this crazy schedule comes to an end!
P.S. This tree amazed me then and still does. What do you even call it? How do you Label it? What amazes me the most is human imagination and how we associate patterns with stories. Isn’t it amazing how we do this so effortlessly?

28 thoughts on “The serpent tree

  1. Apophenia! I don’t particularly see a serpent, but it’s more like the head of a giant lizard or chameleon..Too sad that we are losing most of our sacred groves where serpents used to reside…we still have a considerable number here in Kerala, although most don’t have snakes there..
    By the way, I didn’t forget you, Tama-san!😊

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    1. Thanks Surya! You are too kind. Actually, the first thing that came to my mind was Voldemort! Ha ha! The description of him suddenly sprang up. You’re right though, the number of snakes is dwindling, a sad reality. And thanks a lot for sharing what you saw!

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  2. A face/head, yes. A serpent, I’m not sure. But there’s definitely something there. Anybody who fails to see anything has little imagination, methinks.
    A lovely piece. Good to have you back πŸ™‚

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