Photograph © Yuhu Tama

The tree-lined path turned dark as she took the turn.

She stopped and stared blankly at the thick canopy far above.

“How Dense!!!”, she whispered, letting her sore eyes shed a few more tears,

wondering why she ever believed that he would never abandon her.


Yuhu’s Corner:

It’s always painful when someone breaks our trust. It’s important to know when to give up and move on. But are people worth giving up or should we just keep trying to make things up? I guess we need to realize when we aren’t needed anymore. That’s the cue to move forward. Isn’t it? I’m really not sure.

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11 thoughts on “Dense

  1. Hm! The conundrum is knowing when to not give up and try harder or to leave. And being ready to forgive yourself, just in case, down the line, you feel you could have fought harder and stayed a little bit longer… When you can’t go back, forgive yourself and move on.
    Beautiful piece!

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