Photograph Β© Yuhu Tama


On a broken rock, I breathe alone,

I, now, see a figure on the other shore.

My heart freezes when I find it’s you,

I begin to fluster unknowing what to do.

A glowing bridge forms before me,

As light structures itself into many a crystal bead.

Pounding pulses nudge me to take the first step,

My craving to see you builds, but I wake up instead.

As darkness blinds me, I drench in sweat.

Unable to hold you even in my dreams, I drown in regret.


Yuhu’s Corner:

This week’s theme for the photography challenge is Structure. I just love the patterns and the structures that sunlight creates on the surface of water (be it in a lake or in a bucket full of water). Don’t you?

The pattern of the light in this particular photograph reminds of a road or a path on water, which somehow, to me, looks unreal. Like a path that you can take only in your dreams. Or not even in your dreams, like the poor character in my poem.

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