broken_woodPhotograph © Yuhu Tama

I attempt to revive myself,
as I lay beside another.
But, it isn’t your sweet breath, I taste.
It isn’t your voice, I hear,
It isn’t your touch, I feel.
I’m lost in the swirling past,
as I cradle in the arms of another.


Unable to let you go,
I cling to the memories that still remain.
Colored by my desires,
I see embellished dreams,
where you and I walk hand in hand,
where the alien sound of my laughter still echoes.
These scenes from our past flash
through the broken walls within me.


Crushed under the weight of emptiness,
I close my eyes to escape.
I remember your gaze
when you brushed my hair off my face.
I remember being captured
under the softness of your lips.
I remember the moments,
when we talked and laughed,
and the times when silence,
hummed the perfect the melody.


I open my eyes and see myself reflected,
in a pair of eyes that aren’t yours.
I can see what I’ve become,
a mere shell writhing in pain.
I’m lost within the moments I would never live again,
Even as another holds me tight, I crumble,
So once more, I close my eyes to escape.



Yuhu’s Corner:

It’s wonderful to write (even if it is a lousy piece). I hope you’ve all been doing well. This poem is inspired by characters from several movies and especially by the waltz, the character Céline plays for Jesse, in the movie ‘Before Sunset‘.

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