blossomPhotograph © Yuhu Tama

I coiled within,
my very skin,
With every breath so hard,
my heart did char.

I swam in the night’s chill,
in the waters standing still.
“With my branches turning dry,
Would I ever touch the sky?”

“Yes”, you said,
kissing my forehead.
In that moment, your word set me free,
once again, I dared to believe.

I let my doubts sink,
as you made me think.
Questions danced within your tutee,
creating ripples of chaotic beauty.

With every insight,
I was strengthened inside.
In your touch, the dryness melted,
petals of hope bloomed, as my fears wilted.

Your love has made me see,
What I can truly be.
Promise that you’ll stay,
hold me tight and never let me sway.


Yuhu’s Corner:

This poem is for those who have helped you change, see yourself better and have pulled you from the depths of your own lifeless coils of thoughts.

With you

Singapore_night_lightPhotograph © Yuhu Tama

I’m not afraid to make this journey,

ripe with many a testing tourney,

along roads that lead me into utter darkness,

burning me with words of the heartless,

as long as you hold my hand,

and help me understand,

that there is nothing wrong and right,

as everything changes color with one’s sight.

I want you by my side,

together we’ll soar and glide.

With you I’ll certainly get through,

for you are me, and I am you.


Yuhu’s Corner:

This is my entry for the Weekly Photography Challenge. This week’s theme is ‘Wanderlust’. This photograph was taken during my trip to Singapore. I loved the lights and the ambiance of  this place.

Breaking the inner snare


Painting © Yuhu Tama

Each night I set out,
to the world of my dream,
in search of that route,
where peace would gleam.

Yet, here I was back again,
to the thorny side of the river.
“Am I still sane?”
The thought made me shiver.

I looked and searched,
not another soul in sight.
I fell as I lurched,
crying at my own plight.

Submitting myself to this fake
reality of nightmare,
I sank into the silvery lake,
drowning in the fear of my own snare.

A distant call resounded,
pulling me out of this trance.
By glittering lights, I was surrounded.
Life offered me another chance.

Carried by the light,
my feet touched the ground.
Now on the other side,  I stood, shining bright.
“Myself”, I had finally found.

With words of ice,
I had stabbed my heart,
I now break this chain of lies,
to give myself a fresh start.

The scene is no longer eerie,
I’ve finally set myself free.
Every dream can now become a reality,
for light and warmth resides within me.


Yuhu’ Corner:

Sometimes we don’t give ourselves enough credit. When was the last time you truly appreciated yourself?


sun_rising_above_treePhotograph © Yuhu Tama

Licked by the tentacles of the glowing Sun,
our Earth rotated and slowly spun,
the Yarn of life, binding you and me,
to the towering tree and the tiny bee.

Another yarn is spun by the wheels of time,
run by hearts dripping with slime.
They blind us with fear,
making the truth,  a smear.

Will a new day dawn,
with all their lies gone?
Will the Sun shine warmly above,
securing you and me in the yarn of love?


Yuhu’s Corner:

This is my entry for the Weekly Photography Challenge. This week’s theme is ‘Earth’. This poem is inspired by Zeitgeist: The Movie.


Note to self: I can always have a fresh start, if only you are by my side.

Photograph © Yuhu Tama

The magic in your voice,
heals the scars of my past.
The power of your words,
reminds me to never give up.
The look in your eyes,
makes me feel alive again.

Hold me,
forever, in your Territory,
where I’ll always have hope,
where my mistakes will be forgiven,
where I can finally heal!

I meet your uplifting smile,
as I look into the mirror.
hushing the other voice.
Without you,
I can never dare,
to keep my dreams green.


via Daily Prompt: Territory & Weekly Photo Challenge: It IS Easy Being Green!

Yuhu’s Corner:

Sometimes it feels like only you are there for yourself. No one, but you. Although this could be painful, its aftermath is often invigorating. Isn’t it?


For just one more time, would you shine to melt all the thorns of my pain?

Photograph © Yuhu Tama

Those moments are still Vivid,

when I was your Desire, your dream.

You dwelt in silence,

Yet you spoke the words of your heart,

through the glow in your beautiful eyes.

I believed the time I spent in your arms,

would Parlay into a lifetime of togetherness.

Now you dwell in a different silence,

letting the Swarm of lonely thoughts

drown my broken heart.

Why did you wake up,

from your dream,

leaving me alone to find a way?

Over you I Ruminate,

in empty silence,

in the thorns of what still remains,

wishing you would shine through,

to light up my life,

just one last time.

A drop of tear takes me back,

to the dry reality of truth,

you’re never coming back.


via Daily Prompt

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Best friends who grew up together and still stay together. Hopefully, will stay together.

 Photograph © Yuhu Tama

I thought I would grow older,

holding  your hand forever,

like those trees rooted deep together.

I cursed myself when the Doubt seeped in,

I couldn’t just stop believing,

Till you asked me to “grow up”, sneering!

I guess you didn’t realize,

I wanted to grow with you,

not grow out of you.


via Daily Prompt: Doubt

Yuhu’s Corner:

I’m not sure if this photograph is good or not, but I love this. I mean, I loved what I saw that evening. The two trees would have grown up together, side by side, for decades. A little part of me believes that they must be best friends. I’m inspired by these trees to stick around with my loved ones through thick and thin.

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Fall to succeed

via Daily Prompt: Center, Daily Prompt: Jiggle and Daily Prompt: Arid.

Flying seeds glowing like fireworks. Photograph by Yuhu Tama.

Forever within a cocoon,
floating in the cream of self-doubt,
I slowly became a loon.

Shoved from above so high,
dragged by a rough tide of wind,
I found no wings to fly.

Rejected and alone,
I begged the wind to help,
It smiled and flung me down.

Consumed by the mighty Earth,
I opened myself to defeat,
But at my very Center, was the sign of re-birth.

The fall was a kiss by success,
for I knew not, that I was a flying seed,
born to grow, prosper and give, no less.

With a Jiggle of delight,
shoots of hope sprouted,
my roots of faith, drove away all fright.

The key is to realize,
who you really are,
all other fears are just mere lies.

Arid, the world did once seem,
The fall taught me well,
It all seems like a dream.


Yuhu’s Corner:

After each fall, failure  or even success, my definition of who I am, keeps changing.  I wonder who the real “me” is? I wonder if I’ll ever find the true answer. Is there a “true” answer?

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Love’s bond

via Daily Prompt: Baby and Daily Prompt: Slur

The bud of her womanhood bloomed.
He breathed, as the music of her cry loomed.
Once, a life within her,
transformed into her life forever.

For him to arise,
her pain was the price.
The Baby began to weep,
liable for her agony, so deep.

She held him tight,
the bundle in white.
Guilt melted, in her warm embrace,
and into her eyes, he gazed.

Little blue stars shone,
in the blackness of her own.
Her heart made her words Slur,
Her eyes, the world a blur.

Drifting in love’s allure,
mother and son, dissolved in a moment, so pure.


Yuhu’s Corner:
I’m fascinated by the mother-child bond. It’s extremely powerful and yet, gentle and tender. Isn’t it?

P.S. Another good opportunity to say “I love you, Ma”.

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His chair

via Daily Prompt: Rhythmic

Alone, in the breezy air,
the chair rocks,
awaiting its owner, unaware
he now sleeps inside a box.

I calm the chair down,
gripping, tightly, its arm,
stopping its cry- the creaking sound,
for its seat is no longer warm.

Fun stories were once told,
in his Rhythmic rock back and forth.
The chair did still hold,
memories of children, glowing with mirth.

One among them, I was,
his favourite grandchild,
now at a complete loss,
filled with numbness so wild.

Slowly, I sit on his chair,
it cries with no choice.
And I finally dare,
to replay his loving voice.

He says, “Don’t cry,
Everything will be alright,
as time flies by”.
Tears flow down, as I hug his chair tight.


Yuhu’s corner:

My grandparents passed away, when I was still a child. Sadly, I don’t remember much about them. I can only recall a vague figure.

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