blue_skyPhotograph © Yuhu Tama

As I walk back home, I notice that my clenched palm is desperately trying to retain the warmth of your touch. The cool breeze brushes across my skin like a wave, flashing me with images of moments we had just spent together. I take my place on a bench to reflect.

The long walk in the woods had been perfect. I remember how the little squirrels  scampered away at the sound of our laughter. I realize that I haven’t  laughed that much in a long while.

As the evening exiled the sun, I had embraced the darkness as your fingers began to trace the contour of mine. I recall how the touch of your cool fingers had spread ripples of  warm delight through me. As I relive that moment, a smile dawns on my face.

I see that the gravity of your personality could easily warp time. What felt like just a short while had turned out to be hours, in reality. I wonder how one person could be this interesting. A small voice begins to emerge from within me. “How long will this last?”, it whispers. I look at the crescent moon shining dimly above. Soon, it would be its time to fade into darkness. I feel lost without an answer.

Every breath I take echoes, within me, the fact that the time I have with you could be limited. The cool breeze begins to turn into a chill. Unsettled and Bewildered, I stand up and slowly walk back home, trying to calm the storm that has started to rage within me.


Missing you



Yuhu’s Corner:

It has been a year since I started this blog. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to write as frequently as I would like to.

I wish to thank everyone who has read even a single post of mine. Thanks a lot for all the wonderful comments and feedback. It has truly been a wonderful journey.

I remember the genre of my writings when I began this blog. I thought I should write this piece as a dedication to what my feelings were at that time.