Will anyone read my blog?

After months and months of a LOT of arguments within myself, I have FINALLY  taken the first step towards writing a blog (I cannot tell you how many times I got so close) !!! I think I deserve a big applause (clap! clap! clap!). I remember how I used to skeptically stare at my laptop screen, wondering, whether even a single person (apart from me, of course!) would read my blog.  A little voice in my head (mind, heart, intestines, whatever!) told me that it was alright, as long as I took the first step and kept going. I guess that’s the part of me with a halo on top- 😇 (“Well, it will be, if people do read what you write”, says the evil part – 👿 ). The truth is,  at some level, I am afraid if what I do would ever make a mark. Aren’t we all?

I remember doing things just for fun, when I was a little kid, absolutely not bothered by anyone else’s opinion. I wonder where the little child is now. I simply cannot find that child. When do other people’s judgments start becoming dominant? To think it could become more important than our own creative pleasure, is downright scary. I have a new mission now! Find the little child and let her have all the fun she has missed out, all these years (“Let’s see if that really happens,  Muahhahahaha“- 👿 ).

Thanks again, beautiful people, for reading my first post (tears of joy).