Breaking the inner snare


Painting © Yuhu Tama

Each night I set out,
to the world of my dream,
in search of that route,
where peace would gleam.

Yet, here I was back again,
to the thorny side of the river.
“Am I still sane?”
The thought made me shiver.

I looked and searched,
not another soul in sight.
I fell as I lurched,
crying at my own plight.

Submitting myself to this fake
reality of nightmare,
I sank into the silvery lake,
drowning in the fear of my own snare.

A distant call resounded,
pulling me out of this trance.
By glittering lights, I was surrounded.
Life offered me another chance.

Carried by the light,
my feet touched the ground.
Now on the other side,  I stood, shining bright.
“Myself”, I had finally found.

With words of ice,
I had stabbed my heart,
I now break this chain of lies,
to give myself a fresh start.

The scene is no longer eerie,
I’ve finally set myself free.
Every dream can now become a reality,
for light and warmth resides within me.


Yuhu’ Corner:

Sometimes we don’t give ourselves enough credit. When was the last time you truly appreciated yourself?


via Daily Prompt: Scent

It was like a dream,
I walked alongside,
a beautiful stream.
So pretty were the flowers,
red, yellow and pink,
you could watch them for hours.
There were small rabbits too,
playing around,
as the warm winds blew.
Rain arrived with a ringing bell,
I danced in delight,
and felt my joy swell.

Kissed by the rain,
the earth began to sing,
forgetting all her pain.
A divine melody was born,
I joined the earth,
and sang along.
Then little bubbles arose,
I watched in awe,
as time simply froze.
They floated around me,
What a beautiful sight!
I smiled with glee.
As the bubbles then popped,
releasing a magical Scent,
my merriment topped.
I took a deep breath,
filling myself with its magic,
it could even cheat death.

I woke up with a start,
yet, with a merry feeling,
inside my heart.
Snug in my bed,
I squinted my eyes,
to recollect.
Like water dripping,
from a cracked pot,
memories were now slipping.
I turned in my bed,
pulled the sheet,
over my head,
I had to recall.
I could remember nothing,
I let out a vexed squall.


Yuhu’s corner:
Do you love the smell of air during the first rains? And, yes, I hate it when I cannot recollect happy dreams!! P.S. Please forgive my bad drawing. I’m an ameteur artist.

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via Daily Prompt: Replacement

Inside your warmth,
I lay furled.
In your pain,
I entered a new world,
so strange and noisy.

They wrapped me up,
nice and warm.
Yet I couldn’t feel,
you or your charm.
So, I cried along.

Bumbling around,
in a bundle,
I was passed on,
to be fondled.
Yet, for you, I craved.

Finally, I sensed,
your loving touch.
My emotions turned intense,
as you wrapped my hand,
gently, in yours.
I saw the reflection,
of my smile,
in the tears clinging,
to your eyes.

There is no Replacement,
for your touch,
my dear mother.
So soothing and healing,
there could be no other.


Yuhu’s corner:
I love you mom!!! This one’s for you.
P.S. Please forgive my bad drawing. I’m an ameteur artist.

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