Hold on

clouds_and_streamPhotograph © Yuhu Tama

You walk alone erasing behind all the traces,

I know you wipe clear off all the faces.

Yet I choose to walk  beside you,

even if you let me fade into that grayish hue.


I’m not one of those seasonal streams,

to empty into your withering dreams.

I don’t want to be a cloud smoldering fast,

only to dissolve into your blurry past.


There’ll be no proof of you and me,

if you decide to smother your memory.

But I’m doomed to hold on to mine,

for it to be tarnished with time.


I know where love lies,

within the black pools of your eyes.

Take my hand,  I promise to hold you tight,

just don’t let me fade into that endless night.


Yuhu’s Corner:

Sometimes, I wonder why it is so hard to let go of those who can let go of us so easily!

Where are you now?

lamp_cycle_benchPhotograph  © Yuhu Tama


Where are you now?

I search for you in the streets, now empty.

It’s too cold with your arm no longer around me.

Where are you now?

As I trace along the path we walked,

I feel my soul buried within the emotions I locked.

Where are you now?

The view from that bench isn’t the same.

That beauty is lost. Tell me, who is to blame?

Where are you now?

It’s you I see wherever I turn,

I need you now, I have so much to learn.

Where are you now?

You are now a part of my song,

Without you, don’t you know it is all wrong?

Where are you now?

Let this lamp illuminate your face again.

Come and free me from this painful chain.

Where are you now?

Baby, where are you now?



Yuhu’s Corner

Have you ever walked in a street where you once walked with a loved one? Somehow everyone in that street would look like the one in mind. Isn’t that so? At least, that’s how it is, for me.

I hope you have all been doing great. I recently visited Stockholm, Sweden. In fact, I returned just today. I must say, I have fallen in love with the city. I don’t think my memories about this wonderful city would ever fade away. The photograph you see in this post was taken in Stockholm.





Through the leaves

I love looking at the sky through the leaves and branches. To me, every such scene is beautiful and magical. Here is a Collage of a few of the views I captured.

Photographs © Yuhu Tama

The sky through the rustling leaves,

hums me a mystical melody,

that questions what my heart believes.

A different view every time,

demystifies baseless thoughts rooted deep,

in that moment of revelation, I sublime.



sun_rising_above_treePhotograph © Yuhu Tama

Licked by the tentacles of the glowing Sun,
our Earth rotated and slowly spun,
the Yarn of life, binding you and me,
to the towering tree and the tiny bee.

Another yarn is spun by the wheels of time,
run by hearts dripping with slime.
They blind us with fear,
making the truth,  a smear.

Will a new day dawn,
with all their lies gone?
Will the Sun shine warmly above,
securing you and me in the yarn of love?


Yuhu’s Corner:

This is my entry for the Weekly Photography Challenge. This week’s theme is ‘Earth’. This poem is inspired by Zeitgeist: The Movie.

Need some motivation?? #2

She had a dream and kept it alive for about 40 years, because that’s how long it took Diana Nyad to achieve her dream. To swim across the ocean from Cuba to Florida,  unprotected in the shark prone waters for more than a hundred miles, would probably be a nightmare for most of us. But not so for Nyad. Can you guess at what age she accomplished this feat? Come one, take a guess. Unless you’re already  aware of  her, you wouldn’t imagine that she was 64, (I’m not kidding!) when she made that epic journey. She was the first person to ever swim across this stretch of hostile waters, alive.

Her first attempt was in 1978. In 2013, she reached her sweet destination after more than 50 hours of continuous swimming, on her 5th attempt. Although she almost lost her life in her previous attempts, this iron lady never gave up. I cannot imagine that such a person exists!

Here is the TED talk she gave a few months after fulfilling her lifelong dream. This powerful yet funny talk struck the right chord in me. As silly as it may sound, I had a huge internal struggle about starting a blog (You might have read about that from my first blog post “Will anyone read my blog?”). I wasn’t sure if I was “good enough” or whether it was the “right time” or whether it was a “good idea”. But on December 28th 2016, I stumbled upon this 15 minute video and I tell you, I created my WordPress account within the 17th minute. Nyad’s story inspired me to do something, anything, worth attempting. I hope she inspires you as well.

What particularly moved me, was her final words in the video, “Find a way”. Isn’t that what we all look for? So I guess it all comes down to Acceptance. Doesn’t it? We could either choose to brood about our limitations, insecurities and failures and accept defeat or we could  believe and accept that there is a way beyond all those things that, we think, holds us back. So, what are you waiting for?

Find a way


Photograph © Yuhu Tama

via Daily Prompt: Acceptance


Yuhu’s Corner:
I don’t mean to give free advice. These are a few things I tell myself when I’m unsure about my future. I hope it helps you too.


Photograph © Yuhu Tama

Some call her crazy.

She talks to everything around her, from her blanket to her shoes. Her imagination assigns life to the inanimate world around her. All these objects speak to her, narrating their tales to the patient listener. And she loves their stories.

This girl wasn’t blessed with a great childhood. Her own story is one she doesn’t like to recall. Back then, she desperately hunted for a refuge and finally discovered it.

She found that the fragrance of a new book, carried her far, far away from the brutal reality that smiled at her menacingly. So she rejected reality and made friends with the characters in the novels, instead. Their story became her story. Turning into an inseparable part of her, they became her and she, them.

Stories were her real home. That’s where she lived. In a dimly lit room, she used to sit by a window, through which light dared to peep in, just enough to illuminate her and the treasure she held. She would then forget her pain and her own existence, as she let the words engulf her.

She lived in her world of dreams. She still does. I know this, because I am she.


Yuhu’s Corner:

I believe, all hope isn’t lost if you had a screwed up childhood. We can still find  roses among those thorns.

P.S: The photograph is a part of the Photography: Developing Your Eye I challenge. Since I am a total amateur, I would appreciate if you can give me some feedback on the photograph. Thanks!


For just one more time, would you shine to melt all the thorns of my pain?

Photograph © Yuhu Tama

Those moments are still Vivid,

when I was your Desire, your dream.

You dwelt in silence,

Yet you spoke the words of your heart,

through the glow in your beautiful eyes.

I believed the time I spent in your arms,

would Parlay into a lifetime of togetherness.

Now you dwell in a different silence,

letting the Swarm of lonely thoughts

drown my broken heart.

Why did you wake up,

from your dream,

leaving me alone to find a way?

Over you I Ruminate,

in empty silence,

in the thorns of what still remains,

wishing you would shine through,

to light up my life,

just one last time.

A drop of tear takes me back,

to the dry reality of truth,

you’re never coming back.


via Daily Prompt

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Won’t you come back?


Best friends who grew up together and still stay together. Hopefully, will stay together.

 Photograph © Yuhu Tama

I thought I would grow older,

holding  your hand forever,

like those trees rooted deep together.

I cursed myself when the Doubt seeped in,

I couldn’t just stop believing,

Till you asked me to “grow up”, sneering!

I guess you didn’t realize,

I wanted to grow with you,

not grow out of you.


via Daily Prompt: Doubt

Yuhu’s Corner:

I’m not sure if this photograph is good or not, but I love this. I mean, I loved what I saw that evening. The two trees would have grown up together, side by side, for decades. A little part of me believes that they must be best friends. I’m inspired by these trees to stick around with my loved ones through thick and thin.

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Do you still remember?

Need some motivation?? #1

The path meant for you is right in front of you.

 Photograph © Yuhu Tama

Confused about “What’s next”? Is there an uncertain path staring at you?

I say, just take it. Don’t Hesitate.  It doesn’t matter where it leads you to, as long as you aren’t lost inside the malicious voices of self-doubt and fear, within yourself.

Step into that door that’s open right in front of you. There could be no turning back, sometimes. But that doesn’t mean you won’t find another door to save you.

Let’s not drape our future with pessimistic thoughts. Let’s make every step we take in our one-way journey count, by just taking it!


via Daily Prompt: Hesitate

Yuhu’s Corner:
I don’t mean to give free advice. These are a few things I tell myself when I’m unsure about my future. I hope it helps you too.
P.S. Amateur photographer at work.