blue_skyPhotograph © Yuhu Tama

As I walk back home, I notice that my clenched palm is desperately trying to retain the warmth of your touch. The cool breeze brushes across my skin like a wave, flashing me with images of moments we had just spent together. I take my place on a bench to reflect.

The long walk in the woods had been perfect. I remember how the little squirrels  scampered away at the sound of our laughter. I realize that I haven’t  laughed that much in a long while.

As the evening exiled the sun, I had embraced the darkness as your fingers began to trace the contour of mine. I recall how the touch of your cool fingers had spread ripples of  warm delight through me. As I relive that moment, a smile dawns on my face.

I see that the gravity of your personality could easily warp time. What felt like just a short while had turned out to be hours, in reality. I wonder how one person could be this interesting. A small voice begins to emerge from within me. “How long will this last?”, it whispers. I look at the crescent moon shining dimly above. Soon, it would be its time to fade into darkness. I feel lost without an answer.

Every breath I take echoes, within me, the fact that the time I have with you could be limited. The cool breeze begins to turn into a chill. Unsettled and Bewildered, I stand up and slowly walk back home, trying to calm the storm that has started to rage within me.


Missing you



Yuhu’s Corner:

It has been a year since I started this blog. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to write as frequently as I would like to.

I wish to thank everyone who has read even a single post of mine. Thanks a lot for all the wonderful comments and feedback. It has truly been a wonderful journey.

I remember the genre of my writings when I began this blog. I thought I should write this piece as a dedication to what my feelings were at that time.

A hopeless case


saltaire-sarah-ann-hall.jpgPHOTO PROMPT © Sarah Ann Hall


“A lot done, already. Hmm… A hopeless case”, thought the shop owner, surveying a potential prey.

Anne, adjusted the weight of her shopping bags as she scanned a vase. “He better love all this”, she thought desperately. She envisaged herself in the new lingerie, the shimmer of the candle light and the fragrance of fresh lilies.

A text message broke her trance.

I’m back. I think we need to talk. Not sure if this is working out. Where are you?

Anne slowly placed the vase on the shelf and turned to leave.

“Like I thought, hopeless”, concluded the shop owner.


Yuhu’s Corner:
This story is a part of the Friday Fictioneers Photo Prompt Flash fiction challenge. Every Friday, a photo prompt is provided by the organizer Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. The participants have to come up with a 100 word story. You can check out the other entries here.


broken_woodPhotograph © Yuhu Tama

I attempt to revive myself,
as I lay beside another.
But, it isn’t your sweet breath, I taste.
It isn’t your voice, I hear,
It isn’t your touch, I feel.
I’m lost in the swirling past,
as I cradle in the arms of another.


Unable to let you go,
I cling to the memories that still remain.
Colored by my desires,
I see embellished dreams,
where you and I walk hand in hand,
where the alien sound of my laughter still echoes.
These scenes from our past flash
through the broken walls within me.


Crushed under the weight of emptiness,
I close my eyes to escape.
I remember your gaze
when you brushed my hair off my face.
I remember being captured
under the softness of your lips.
I remember the moments,
when we talked and laughed,
and the times when silence,
hummed the perfect the melody.


I open my eyes and see myself reflected,
in a pair of eyes that aren’t yours.
I can see what I’ve become,
a mere shell writhing in pain.
I’m lost within the moments I would never live again,
Even as another holds me tight, I crumble,
So once more, I close my eyes to escape.



Yuhu’s Corner:

It’s wonderful to write (even if it is a lousy piece). I hope you’ve all been doing well. This poem is inspired by characters from several movies and especially by the waltz, the character Céline plays for Jesse, in the movie ‘Before Sunset‘.


water_sky_reflectionPhotograph © Yuhu Tama


I see myself in your eyes,

as I pour my innermost self into you.

Your non judging eyes capture me,

keeping me safe, I’m no longer alone.

You illuminate the dark shadows of my past,

like a perfect reflection, you show me who I really am.

There is none other to Elevate me,

 to love me beyond my insanity.

All I need is your light,

to discover the part of me that’s still alive.


Yuhu’s Corner:

This poem is for all those lovely people, who stick with us during sticky times.

How many times have we helped someone get over their tough times?

Hold on

clouds_and_streamPhotograph © Yuhu Tama

You walk alone erasing behind all the traces,

I know you wipe clear off all the faces.

Yet I choose to walk  beside you,

even if you let me fade into that grayish hue.


I’m not one of those seasonal streams,

to empty into your withering dreams.

I don’t want to be a cloud smoldering fast,

only to dissolve into your blurry past.


There’ll be no proof of you and me,

if you decide to smother your memory.

But I’m doomed to hold on to mine,

for it to be tarnished with time.


I know where love lies,

within the black pools of your eyes.

Take my hand,  I promise to hold you tight,

just don’t let me fade into that endless night.


Yuhu’s Corner:

Sometimes, I wonder why it is so hard to let go of those who can let go of us so easily!

Where are you now?

lamp_cycle_benchPhotograph  © Yuhu Tama


Where are you now?

I search for you in the streets, now empty.

It’s too cold with your arm no longer around me.

Where are you now?

As I trace along the path we walked,

I feel my soul buried within the emotions I locked.

Where are you now?

The view from that bench isn’t the same.

That beauty is lost. Tell me, who is to blame?

Where are you now?

It’s you I see wherever I turn,

I need you now, I have so much to learn.

Where are you now?

You are now a part of my song,

Without you, don’t you know it is all wrong?

Where are you now?

Let this lamp illuminate your face again.

Come and free me from this painful chain.

Where are you now?

Baby, where are you now?



Yuhu’s Corner

Have you ever walked in a street where you once walked with a loved one? Somehow everyone in that street would look like the one in mind. Isn’t that so? At least, that’s how it is, for me.

I hope you have all been doing great. I recently visited Stockholm, Sweden. In fact, I returned just today. I must say, I have fallen in love with the city. I don’t think my memories about this wonderful city would ever fade away. The photograph you see in this post was taken in Stockholm.







Photograph © Yuhu Tama

As the sky turns red from teal,
Is what I see real?
What did you just reveal?
Is it broken, my heart seal?

As the sky turns red from teal,
Is what I see real?
You caused my fears to reel.
There is no more pain to feel.

As the sky turns red from teal,
Is what I see real?
Nothing dark, nothing to conceal,
To you alone I am leal.

But wait!

The sky hasn’t turned red from teal,
What I see isn’t real.
My dream to find you is surreal.
I’m awake, my mind begins to streel.

The sky shall turn red from teal,
What I saw will be real.
For in you alone, I can heal.
Will we ever meet? I know, for sure, we’ll.


Yuhu’s Corner:

I’m not sure if this poem made any sense to you. The way I see it, there are two interpretations.

Interpretation 1:

This poem could describe those people who pin all their hopes and dreams on to “the one”. Once in a relationship, they could discover that the person they are with isn’t the one they’re looking for. So their hunt continues to find “the one” who could save them.

Interpretation 2:

This is the simple one. A person dreams of  “the one” with whom he/she is truly himself/herself. But the person wakes up to find that it is just a dream and is indeed not real. So the person hopes of finding “the one” someday.

I wonder…


Original Artwork © Yuhu Tama


“Beautiful and svelte”,
I heard everyone say,
while I craved for what her fingers felt,
as she held his hand that day.

Was it warm and rough
the way I remember it to be?
Why did he fade away in a puff,
paying no heed to my plea?

I wonder what he felt,
as she held his hand that day.

Did she paint her love,
on the lines in his palm?
The lines of who, was once my dove,
are lost from the songs of my Shawm.

I wonder what she felt,
as he held her hand that day.

As the diamond ring shone bright that night,
the lovely bride glowed with pride.
Did he forget our walk under the moonlight,
his promise to stay, forever, by my side?

I wonder what he felt,
as she held his hand that day.

Did his pulse thunder,
like the time he held my hand?
I can’t help but wonder,
if I’ll ever understand.

What now belongs to her,
I know, was once mine,
With every fading year,
I know not, if these memories would still shine.


Yuhu’s Corner:

It has been a while, hasn’t it? I hope you guys are all doing just fine.


blossomPhotograph © Yuhu Tama

I coiled within,
my very skin,
With every breath so hard,
my heart did char.

I swam in the night’s chill,
in the waters standing still.
“With my branches turning dry,
Would I ever touch the sky?”

“Yes”, you said,
kissing my forehead.
In that moment, your word set me free,
once again, I dared to believe.

I let my doubts sink,
as you made me think.
Questions danced within your tutee,
creating ripples of chaotic beauty.

With every insight,
I was strengthened inside.
In your touch, the dryness melted,
petals of hope bloomed, as my fears wilted.

Your love has made me see,
What I can truly be.
Promise that you’ll stay,
hold me tight and never let me sway.


Yuhu’s Corner:

This poem is for those who have helped you change, see yourself better and have pulled you from the depths of your own lifeless coils of thoughts.