The Candle

flamePhotograph © Yuhu Tama


Piercing the sheer darkness,

with its burning sword, a candle charges.

The Black now starts to dissolve,

Without tapering the candle’s resolve.


The acceptance that the world is dark,

ignites the candle’s spark.

Although it may die one day,

for many it would’ve shown the way.


A candle’s light is Temporary,

but is it less extraordinary?

With different shades to its flame,

what it reveals is never the same.


I believe such a light glows within you,

regenerating each day into something new.

Fuel your light by sound reasoning and thought,

for it could help another connect many a dot.

small-logo-transparentYuhu Tama

What are you waiting for?

via Daily Prompt: Gone

The sun is going down.
Another day has passed.
I ask myself this,
“Did I make it count?”

Was it just another day,
with nothing new to say?
Like a machine with a set routine,
I am programmed to toil and preen.
But now, every day’s monotony,
has become pure agony.

As I contemplate each night,
all I do is grumble.
I say “life is brutal” and “people are cruel”.
But I know that I take refuge,
under the illusive comfort,
of blaming everyone but me.
As I stand alone with myself,
my heart patiently asks,
“How long will you cheat me?”

Reluctantly, I face the truth.
I did not rise today,
to fight for what I truly desire.
Afraid to take an uncertain step,
I live a mechanical life instead.
I fear to make that daring move,
into the unknown,
into the wilderness of my lively dreams.

As the clock keeps ticking,
I realize that the “now” is also slipping.
Right this second, I shall take charge,
I will seize this moment.
For what is Gone is Gone,
but, what is left is enough.
For I have myself and my dreams,
to build a sensational future for me.

I will hear my heart race again,
I will feel my sweat,
as I follow my passion.
This very moment, I rise to the occasion.
I have now and only now,
and forever I will make it count.


There is always hope

via Daily Prompt: Mope

Why do you Mope, Oh my soul?
Do not fret, for there is still hope.
Do not be afraid, do not try to elope,
remember that there is nothing that you cannot cope.

Like the morning sun, you shall rise,
far away from all your cries.
Your warmth will bind the world again,
Vanquish your fears and let go of all pain.

You, the Campion, will bloom once more.
Beyond every known horizon you will soar.
So much to explore and so much to feel,
Don’t let the past to not let you heal.

So why do you still Mope, Oh my soul?
Hush the storm within you,
You are the way and you are the hope.
Remember, there is nothing that you cannot cope.