Welcome to my blog. I write under the pen name, “Yuhu Tama”. I am a person currently exploring (well, trying to explore) different aspects of my interests. I love to do a variety of things and I hate getting stuck in a monotonous routine. Well, who doesn’t? 😃

After I began this blog, I have realized how much I love writing. Recently, I have also taken up photography (I’m total amateur!). In the course of time, I see how my mood affects the genre of my posts. It has been such a wonderful experience for me, these past few months.

I hope this blog would serve as a small window through which I could show you how I look at life and perceive the world around me. I would love it, if you could inspire me with your feedback, comments and suggestions.


P.S. People usually ask me what “Yuhu Tama” stands for. “Yuhu” is a random name that popped into my head on the night of December 28th 2016, when I impulsively created this blog. “Tama” is short for the character who affected me the most,”Tamahome”, from the Japanese anime ‘Curious Play’. 😍