Welcome to my blog. “Yuhu Tama” is my pen name. I am a person currently exploring (well, trying to explore) different aspects of my interests. I love to do a variety of things and I hate getting stuck in a monotonous routine. Well, who doesn’t? 😃

Interest in writing has always been there, I suppose, but I never took it too seriously. By beginning this blog, I wish to write and enjoy myself and see where my imaginations take me, and of course, you. Being a newbie, I don’t have any specific theme or genre for my writing. I haven’t found my niche yet. I simply want to explore what I am capable of.

Since English is not my native language, I might make a few errors. I kindly request you to correct me and inspire me with your feedback, comments and suggestions.

Most importantly, I hope to show you how I look at life and the things I enjoy. I hope it happens!