smallpox-hospital-roger-bultotPHOTO PROMPT Β© Roger Bulltot


Anne absently caressed the ivy that decorated the walls of the old building. The jeering chants, “Ms. Stammerson”, resounded inside her, turning her deaf to the evening’s silence.

“D-D-D-Don’t cry!”, she told herself.

She closed her eyes and began to hum. Soon, the ivy swayed warmly to her smooth voice.

“Wow! Sanderson!”, she heard someone exclaim. “I didn’t know you could sing!”, said George. “Wanna be the female lead? In… my… band?”

She eyed him suspiciously.

“Listen, my brother stammers too. I… I understand”, he said gently.

The golden sky gleamed. She felt it’d never been this beautiful before.



Yuhu’s Corner:

I have missed participating in the Friday Fictioneers Photo Prompt Flash fiction challenge. Every Friday, a photo prompt is provided by the organizer Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. The participants have to come up with a 100 word story. You can check out the other entries here.

29 thoughts on “Ms. S-S-Stammerson

  1. I love this. As a teacher, I had students who suffered from stammering. At some point, I discovered that when one young lady (who had a lovely voice) was singing, she no longer stammered. There’s a name for it. Can’t remember–I’ll have to visit Google πŸ™‚

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    1. Ma’m, thanks a lot for sharing. I did not know that this condition has a specific name, as well. My brother used to stammer a lot. But he had no issues while singing. I’m glad that you liked my story. Thanks for stopping by.

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      1. I did a little research, but didn’t come across the name for this . What I did learn is that it’s not the music; it’s the rhythm that helps the person. Similarly, any oft-repeated statement like “How are you today?” will not cause them any problems because they know exactly what to say.

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