via Daily Prompt: Float

As he gazed out his window,
the boy saw the line of mango trees.
As their crimson tender leaves
swayed with the breeze,
He took a deep breath of content, with ease.

The waltzing leaves now showed
signs of a grayish tinge.
Springing his head,
out through his window,
the boy grinned, into the October sky.
While he watched the clouds,
dark and heavy, charging ahead,
he thought, “Not too long now”.

The little boy loved the rain,
for it would bathe the air,
and make it, at once, clear.
The rain would make the panes his slate,
where his finger tips could draw,
and he would feel elate.

Already soaking in the
illusionary downpour,
the boy went back to his seat,
back to his work.
Square pieces of paper,
of different vibrant colors,
adorned his table.
He took a bright yellow sheet,
surveyed it, and closed his eyes.
The boy saw his boat Float,
in the little streams,
the rain would inscribe.
Imagining his yellow boat,
lead the fleet,
with none other near its field,
He could see himself winning,
and all his friends whining.

Three decades later,
a man stood by his window,
and stared at the clear November sky.
The air felt a bit too dry.
Where the mango trees once stood,
concrete jungle had grown.
Towers of glass and gray,
replaced green and clay.
Turning his back to this urban wilderness,
he wondered if a time would come,
when the soil would rise above the cement,
only to be carved by the rain.
And little colorful boats,
would float in the streams yet again.


8 thoughts on “Out his window

  1. I could imagine and relive every instant you have penned down….Though the timespan I have to look back may be a few years…..Why don’t you paint your thoughts as well? Your poem has inspired a hazy thought of a painting in my mind…Will share if I paint it….


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  3. Excellent use of imagery! The poem beautifully describes the contrast between the good old days of paper boats floating on puddles near green trees and bushes, and the modern day concrete landscapes devoid of them..Remarkable piece of poetry!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah! I’ve never heard such words of praise. Thanks a lot Surya chan. You’re kind enough to give it a read. But yes, a lot of things are changing, like you mentioned in your poem as well. We must be more responsible for our beautiful Earth.

      Liked by 1 person

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